Here’s a rule to run your business by: have three different copies of your data in two different media; ensure one is off-site.


Mozy, an online backup company, reports that 140,000 hard drives crash every week.

Think for a moment how it would impact your business if your hard drive crashed.

  • What do you keep on your hard drive? What is only on there, and what do you have backed up?
  • Do you know how to access your backup and restore from it? How much data would be missing?
  • As a result of the failed hard drive, how much money would you lose?
  • Consider the data itself, productivity, reputation, and delays. What data would you lose?
  • What would be the overall impact on your business?

A hard drive crash is always stressful, even if your work is all backed up. When it isn’t, it’s nothing short of a nightmare.

What’s Your Backup Plan?

Because many small businesses don’t have an IT department, they don’t put much thought into backing up data. Going digital has meant business owners have stopped worrying about fires, leaks, and lousy storage climates. In fact, they’ve stopped worrying about storage altogether, leaving their businesses incredibly vulnerable. Computers and hard drives alike crash, get damaged, corrupted, lost, damaged and stolen. It’s time to put a plan in place, or to revisit the one you already have.

There are laws about how many years to hold on to tax information, receipts, legal documents and employee records. You have plans for those. But the customer service complaints that culminate into a lawsuit? The customers you’ve retained for the last 20 years? Database and network information and infrastructure? The marketing trends you’ve been documenting, the reports you’ve been compiling–the important are all mixed up with the unimportant, and in this era everything gets saved.

A terabyte used to be unimaginably huge. Now terabyte storage plans are becoming the standard and you can buy petabytes and exabytes. With every minute that ticks by, new websites are created, new businesses are born, customer service emails are sent, chatbot messages exchanged and new tweets, statuses, blog posts, comments, and even faxes (!) all zip across the internet, each time creating more megabytes of data to be stored.

We can help you devise and implement a data backup plan for your data so that in the event of a crash (or, worse, an attack), you’re prepared.

BestLine Keeps Your Data Safe

It doesn’t take a malicious attack to lose your company’s history, nor to seriously disrupt operations for a while.

Our team can help you get set up with a plan that works for your business. With an IT managed services plan, your data gets backed up regularly and securely to more than one location and device. That way you’re safe no matter what happens, and should a crash or attack befall your hard drive, you have a team standing by to get you back up and running in no time.