What New Workplace Trends Mean for Your Communications

It’s no surprise that the workplace is changing. We’re been hearing for years about cubicles and individual offices being traded in for open office formats. The workday, slowly but surely, has been evolving from 8-5 Monday through Friday to more flexible schedules, including more options for staff to work remotely. Cloud computing is growing and IT managed services are on the rise.

As more and more young people join the workforce and more baby boomers retire, we’re faced with a permanently altered workforce. And a change in workforce means a change in the way work gets done.

Employee Engagement Brings Profits–and New Communications Systems

As you look a few years down the road, what does your office look like? Think about the upgrades you’ve already planned and budgeted for, and consider that the communications landscape in five years may be completely different.

Studies show that workplaces are still favoring traditional office equipment, like landline phones and desktop computers. They also indicate that flexibility is on the rise. We may still be using landlines and desktops but our employees are using multiple devices, and our customers are expecting communications outside of emails and phone calls. Even faxes are going virtual.

According to a report by the Harvard Business Review, companies are working to increase employee engagement. “[A] highly engaged workforce not only maximizes a company’s investment in human capital and improves productivity, but it can also significantly reduce costs, such as turnover, that directly impact the bottom line.”

Keeping your workforce engaged means greater profitability in your business. Increasing engagement means adapting to cloud-based systems. As you look ahead, consider an IT managed services provider, switching to cloud phone systems, hiring out for call and contact center needs, and trading in equipment for software

Planning for Your Business’ Future

For the short-term future, you’ll have the office setup you have. You’ll continue with the equipment you have, too, including maintenance, upgrades, and training.

Long-term, as your business grows and changes, you may be up for a complete overhaul of your communications. Where do you begin?

Moving to the cloud can cut operating costs tremendously. No more need for the overhead costs associated with housing equipment, call center staff, or managing an IT department.

As you give your team more flexibility, you may want a cloud-based phone system so it’s easy to answer calls no matter where they are. In the meantime, the options for call forwarding and virtual voicemail are just a few ways these systems make business travel easier.

It’s no easy thing to plan, especially when you’ve busy running your business. That’s where we come in.

BestLine offers consulting for all of your communications needs. We’ve been working with businesses for over 30 years to design and provide the solutions that help them grow. Best of all, our solutions are customized so they grow right along with you.

The workplace is changing. We can help.