Call Center or Contact Center? Choosing the Best for Your Business

We all know that excellent customer service is crucial to your business. However, did you know that 75% of online customers expect help within 5 minutes? That’s fast! Faster, even, than most hold times. And when customers aren’t happy with their experience, businesses lose big. 45% will abandon an online transactions for slow service, and after a bad customer service experience, 91% wouldn’t willingly do business with your company again.

Great customer service experiences drive sale while bad customer service costs billions.

Ensuring excellent customer service has become much more complex in the last few years. Now the number of ways we can communicate with each other seems practically unlimited, and your customers want all the options. How do you choose?

Let’s take a look at what each one does.

Call Centers Specialize in, well, Calls

Businesses that handles a high call volume or needs to make a lot of outgoing calls need an entire team devoted to making and receiving phone calls. Agents are specially trained to ensure the best service to your customer. They can also be trained for essential outgoing call functions like:collections, marketing, sales and more.

Contact Centers Communicate in Every Way

More and more companies are turning to live chat features on their websites to deliver great customer service, as well as chatbots in apps and on sites, text message support, plus standard email and phone call options. A contact center is well-suited to this age of communications with numerous ways to communicate and lots of customers who prefer indirect methods.

Just like a call center, a contact center can be trained to work with your business and customers. Instead of or in addition to making and taking phone calls, the agents type, text and email your audience, too.

The Best Solution for Your Business? May Be Both

You can choose to have both an outbound sales team making calls and a much larger team dedicated to fielding customer service inquiries of all kinds.

Do you have a telemarketing wing of your business, or would you like one? Or maybe you have a great call center already but your customers want a live chat option.

You can have both. A cloud-based call or contact center means you don’t have to hire, train, supervise and house your teams, which drastically reduces your operating costs. The agents can be based in the US or internationally, reducing language and cultural barriers and making it easier to satisfy the needs of your diverse customer base.

Customer service is more important and more complicated than ever before. Get an edge on your competition, reduce your costs, and keep your customers happy (and loyal) with a solution designed specifically to your business.

At BestLine, we can custom-fit our solutions to your situation. Call center, contact center, both, some of each only during holidays–we can build whatever best serves your business.