Bestline Colocation Facility


Effective as of April 1, 2005

  1. All Bestline Colocation Customers and their representatives, employees, contractors, agents, invitees, and users of Customers’ facilities and all BCF contractors, vendors, invitees, or agents (“Visitors”) are subject to these Rules and Regulations in connection with their use of or access to the BCF and Services.
  2. According to this agreement, a visitor is not authorized to and shall not approach, handle, use, inspect or examine in any way any equipment, cabinets, racks or floor space, other than their own. Furthermore, a visitor shall not disclose the identity of any BCF customers.
  3. A Visitor’s access to or use of the BCF and the building in which it is located shall at all times comply with the rules and regulations of the owner of such building. Use of a freight elevator is available only with prior building and BCF approval.
  4. Only those individuals specifically identified (“Customer Access” list) by an authorized employee of the Customer may access the BCF. It is Customer’s responsibility to notify Bestline in writing of any change in Customer’s Access list, or the identity of those who can and cannot provide Bestline with such a list. Bestline may rely on the most current Customer Access list in deciding who shall gain access.
  5. Customer Access list individuals shall stay in the vicinity of their own equipment when in the BCF facility and Visitors shall stay in the vicinity of their own equipment or work or shall stay with an BCF escort while in the BCF facility.
  6. Visitors shall not access any portion of the BCF (except for the Customer Area), including without limitation, the building roof, electrical or communications closets, the BCF ceiling or floor, without prior consent from Bestline and without a Bestline escort.
  7. Visitors may not misuse or abuse any BCF property or equipment.
  8. Visitors may not engage or assist in any activity that violates the law or aids in criminal activity while on Bestline property, in the BCF or in connection with the Services.
  9. Bestline may refuse entry to, or require the immediate departure of, any individual who (i) is disorderly, (ii) fails to comply with these Rules and Regulations, or (iii) fails to comply with any of Bestline’s other procedures and requirements after being advised of them.
  10. All equipment installation activities must be pre-approved by the BCF Operators. Any one installing any type of equipment into an IDC must first check in with a member of BCF’s Operations staff and provide the necessary information about the equipment and the installation prior to commencing any installation activities. All installation activities must take place during normal business hours unless after hours installation is pre-approved by the BCF Operators.
  11. The BCF shall be kept neat and orderly at all times. Visitors shall remove all of its trash and debris upon departure from the BCF. Bestline shall have the right to remove and discard any trash and debris left in the BCF in violation of the foregoing, and to charge the Visitor for such trash removal.
  12. At conclusion of any work in the BCF, the Visitor shall ensure all cables are routed and dressed neatly in cabinets and all doors are closed and locked and the equipment or area is left in a closed, orderly, and secure manner. The Visitor and the Visitor’s authorized representatives may bring into the BCF tools and portable test equipment, approved by Bestline, provided that the Visitor or its authorized representatives are responsible for and remove or secure the same upon their departure from the BCF.
  13. Any and all equipment, including Customer Equipment, operated within the BCF must be configured and operate at all times in compliance with the applicable manufacturer’s specifications, including, without limitation, any specifications as to power consumption and/or clearance requirements.
  14. No Visitor shall at any time bring into or keep upon the BCF premises any hazardous, inflammable, combustible, explosive, or otherwise dangerous fluid, chemical or substance at any time. No acids, vapors or other materials shall be discharged or permitted to be discharged into the waste lines, vents or flues of the IDC.
  15. Visitors may not bring or use any of the following in a IDC tobacco products, explosives, weapons, chemicals, illegal drugs, electro-magnetic devices, radioactive materials, photographic or recording equipment of any kind (other than tape back-up equipment for use with the Customer Equipment).
  16. Bestline reserves the right to inspect all objects to be brought into or taken out of the BCF and to exclude from the BCF all objects which violate any of these Rules and Regulations. Bestline may require any person entering or leaving the BCF with any package to document the contents of the package.
  17. All connections to and from Customer Equipment must be clearly labeled. and all labeling codes must be provided to the BCF Operators for purposes of configuration control.
  18. Bestline will conduct routine, non-emergency scheduled maintenance of its BCF and Services. Bestline shall notify Customers a minimum of three calendar days in advance of scheduled maintenance. Customer agrees to cooperate with Bestline during the scheduled maintenance so that Bestline minimizes Customer impact. Bestline may require emergency maintenance windows and will provide as much notification as possible.


Bestline reserves the right to change these Rules and Regulations at any time, provided that the Customer is informed in advance of any such change. After reviewing the Rules and Regulations, continued use of and access to the BCF or use of the Services shall constitute the Customer’s and Customer Agent’s acceptance of such changes.