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BestLine Solutions understands the key to any business success is your communications and the ability to communicate with your customers and employees. BestLine offers a variety of phone and communication system either in the cloud such as Microsoft TEAMS and the BestLine Cloud Phone System to facility based systems lets BestLine to enable you to manage your communication solutions in a manner to ensure connectivity, redundancy, and cost effectiveness. BestLine Solutions offers and manages premise based and cloud systems, let our team design a system to meet your needs for today and tomorrow or mange your existing system.

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You can make and receive calls using MS TEAMS Phone, Operator Connect, or Direct Routing. TEAMS can be your all in one phone system and communication system for your organization no matter if your teams are working in the office, remote, or any combination thereof. No more upgrades on a facility phone system or expansion challenges.



Need to schedule a meeting? Need it to be a video meeting or to share your screen? Teams can do that and more. Teams from 2 – 10,000 can meet to discuss the topic at hand, collaborate on next steps, or develop new initiatives.  Meetings within TEAMS can be scheduled through Outlook in advance or you can go directly from a Chat into a Meeting.

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Communication is easy and streamlined. Ask a quick question, share an update, or have a detailed conversation either one on one, in a small group, or the larger team. Think of Chat through TEAMS like texting, add to your communication and team building by including gifs, stickers, and emojis.

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Coming together has never been so easy as it is with Microsoft TEAMS. You can Chat, Meet, Call, Collaborate and so much more. Microsoft TEAMS can be an all in one communication system or you can choose the portions of the system which work best for you.



With Microsoft TEAMS you can store, find, share, and edit files in real time using familiar apps like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.   Files can also be shared in a meeting enabling collaboration on their content and outcome.   Build the efficiencies and streamline workflow by utilizing TEAMS.


BestLine offers an in-house carrier grade cloud phone and communication in addition to Microsoft TEAMS. The BestLine Cloud System provides the ability to have a traditional business phone system with the benefits and redundancy of a cloud system. Our system includes an all-inclusive phone system, chat, mobile phone app, and desk top app. The system is available for use throughout the United States and provides the functionality of a premise base system without the investment and on going maintenance expense.

BestLine also offers a variety of premise based phone systems and supporting equipment including Avaya and Mitel which includes support and equipment for ShoreTel systems. Our team of technical designers can work with you to design a system to meet your current and future needs.

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Why is Bestline Solutions Recommending Kings III? Monitoring requirements are getting more strict and inspectors are demanding more. This is why we are proudly recommending Kings III elevator phone monitoring to our customers. The Kings III service provides many value-added benefits including the opportunity to eliminate dedicated phone lines, minimize liability exposure and better manage tenant, employee and visitor experience.

We promise an initial conversation with Kings III, at the very least, will be well worth your time and are confident you will find the added benefits of their service a good value. 

The Most Robust Emergency Communications Service


Customer Care

Our primary focus is serving the customer above all else. Keeping a current customer satisfied is more important than gaining a new one. Our 97%+ customer retention speaks for itself.


Low Cost, Best Value Provider

We are fully integrated to provide turnkey services. We design, engineer and manufacture our equipment, providing full maintenance and lifetime warranty. On top of this, what sets our service apart is our 24/7 state-of-the-art emergency monitoring.


Smart Line Seizure Capability

Our emergency equipment is capable of seizing an existing telephone line (such as a fax or secondary fire line) when activated, eliminating the need for a dedicated phone line, presenting significant annual savings.


Risk Management

We are very much aware of the litigation and liability risk in today’s business environment. Our digital recording and storing of all calls provide you with invaluable event details for heading off potential litigation.

Connectivity Solutions

  • Cloud Phone Systems
  • On Premise Phone Systems
  • Existing Phone System Support
  • Equipment & Software Refresh
  • Technology Assessments & Consulting
  • Recording Software
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