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BestLine Solutions understands the key to any business is your communications and the ability to communicate with your customers. Let BestLine enable you to manage your Communication Solutions in a manner to ensure connectivity, redundancy, and cost effectiveness. BestLine Solutions offers and manages premise based and cloud systems, let our team design a system to meet your needs for today and tomorrow or mange your existing system. What can we design, build, and manage for you?


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A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a system where the telephones within a business can interconnect. It can include voice messages, both private and shared, call metering and accounting, conference calling and call transferring. It allows for companies of any size and structure to run internal and external communication with no hassles. There are two categories of business telephone services, the first being the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and the other being the Internet (Internet telephony or VoIP). The latter has proven popular both for those making calls internally, and others outside of the company who call the organization. Having such a system means that the company can cut down on the cost of their connectivity solutions, which tend to eat into the budget pretty fast. BestLine Solutions is your go-to source for affordable, all-in-one connectivity solutions in Austin, TX. The reason why business telephone systems are essential within a company is that without them, there could be no business transactions. It allows staff to contact each other and their customers or clients, run a customer care service, contact vendors and suppliers, to mention only a few of the day-to-day business processes that depend on a reliable telephone system. Overall, it gives a business a competitive advantage.

The overall gain in having a VoIP System

Having a shared resource in the workplace makes things run at an increased pace, as communication-based processes are streamlined. If you’ve yet to set up business telephone services in your company, consider the following advantages that you stand to gain.

Communicate at flash speed

Calling out to a colleague or walking to their desk to deliver a message is time wasted. Now consider doing the same thing multiple times throughout the day. Suddenly, what was only a momentary interruption can end up taking up a large amount of valuable time. With business telephone services, you can have a sense of wireless networking where with just an extension code you’re able to make a call or transfer a call to someone else. This is especially important when dealing with clients who might require the services of more than one department. It also means that calls can be rerouted to the right place if a client or customer should dial the wrong person within your firm.

Reduced costs

Many companies have moved to VoIP, where they use internet broadband instead of conventional landlines to make calls and send emails. The amount of data required to transmit sound is a lot less expensive than airtime over a traditional phone line, so employees can make calls freely and with ease without having management set limits on the call time they have in a given day or month. Another aspect that makes business telephone services affordable is that it is available as part of an integrated solution where you get fiber optic connections and managed IT support. At the end of the month, your company receives a single bill instead of multiple invoices. It also makes it much easier to spot any employees who might be abusing company resources.

Added functionality

Business telephone services are not only about making calls to fellow staff and customers. Today’s business telephone systems offer much more than that. Technology has allocated features like caller ID, voicemail transcripts that can be sent to one’s email, and automatic call forwarding should an extension go unanswered. For workers who have a lot on their plate, being able to remain on top of things is crucial to remaining effective at their job. With the right systems in place, everyone can look out for others should something that’s been addressed to the wrong person land on their desk.

Easy expansion and downsizing

In the event of mergers or a company looking to streamline, it becomes evident that adding and removing phone lines has the potential to cause a major headache. However, with the business telephone services from BestLine Solutions, you can easily delete lines to departments that don’t exist in order to avoid having customers calling a phone that’s no longer in use, or even expand your organization’s phone system to accommodate new people. All of this and more can be done without interrupting the day-to-day running of the organization. Your business will continue to run so smoothly that your team will hardly notice a change.

Manage employees

Abuse of company resources is not uncommon. However, with BestLine Solutions and our business telephone services, managers can pinpoint those who do so. They are also able to access recordings of calls for quality control purposes to ensure that employees are interacting with customers exactly the way they ought to. They can then assess the calls and determine the best course of action. In an era where customer relations are crucial to a company’s success, having a system that helps track and assess these interactions makes all the difference.

Hold music or advertisements

Everyone who’s interacted with a customer care line knows that another function of a business telephone system is the hold music or ads that run as you wait to speak to the next available agent. Companies are moving away from endless loops of hold music, in favor of advertisements or announcements that let the customer know what’s new in the company. It is a way to boost sales and to keep a client occupied until they can speak to someone about the issue they’re calling to discuss. To give them incentives for waiting, you can share a coupon code or tell them about special discounts or promotions. Such ideas are indeed transforming the way customer service is conducted.

Convenience for those on the move

It is becoming increasingly difficult to track what side of the globe business owners and some of their employees will be on at any given time. Therefore, having a mobile number makes managing clients easy at any time. This means that you won’t be caught up trying to get access to a local number to receive and make calls. Having a mobile number makes the entire affair cheaper and stress-free, as all things in business should be, leaving you free to focus on more important things. Since 1983, BestLine Solutions has been providing clients with comprehensive solutions that include business telephone services in Austin, TX. We understand the uniqueness of your individual business, and that’s why we are big on providing customized solutions specific to your company. We therefore serve as an ideal partner in establishing business telephone services, with decades of industry experience to build just the solution for you.

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