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BestLine Solutions understands the one of a company’s most valuable assets is its data and its customer support technology. Our team of IT and phone system professionals can set up and fully manage your network and business telephone system, and ensure their security. We also provide technical support. In partnership with the full suite of BestLine’s solutions you can have a comprehensive partner for all your IT needs. What can we design, build, and manage for you? 

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An MSP, or managed service provider, is an entity that offers subscription services to businesses in exchange for managing their IT infrastructure. The packages typically offered are on a per user or per device basis, with some pricing models providing comprehensive solutions. What you can expect to get typically includes a network, a dedicated server, and end-user applications. However, it is the MSP that owns the infrastructure, providing their services to clients on a demand basis. The role of the provider is to monitor, give recommendations, and to secure the network, server, and applications. These companies tend to be large, as they work for many clients at any given time, often for many years. The MSP’s typically massive infrastructure allows them to undertake the task of round the clock service provision. Some of these services are comprised of web hosting, video networking, managed premises, unified messaging, and other operations pertinent to the day-to-day running of a business. Primarily, the MSP is used by companies outsourcing administrative responsibility to improve operations, especially in areas where they don’t have the internal capacity from an IT standpoint. It is also for both large and small companies that don’t have the know-how to run specific applications, or which lack the infrastructure needed to undertake the scale of connectivity solutions that will best support the growth of their business. Time and money constraints on a general scale are also factors that can restrict companies from creating in-house operational solutions. However, when outsourcing to an MSP, the client is still in control of what happens on their end; responsibility does not solely rest on the MSP provider. Many managed service providers offer packages which factor in what functions an organization manages and the ones they’ll outsource. In the end, the client can be assured that whatever they outsource to an MSP is undertaken responsibly and efficiently, and according to industry and government regulations.

Implications for the company hiring a Managed Service Provider

Given that MSPs manage internal processes, you’ll find that they offer managed IT services, human resources, contract and vendor management, and workforce management, to name only a few. The reason most companies are opting to outsource such roles is that, overall, it is often the most cost effective route to take. Creating an internal IT or HR department tends to be expensive, often prohibitively so for young or growing companies. Off-the-shelf software is often of little help. Even with initial training, it is difficult for an organization to incorporate the purchased software and drive change. That is primarily because operating some programs requires a level of expertise a majority of companies don’t have. Customer support is not accessible on-demand at all times, leaving organizations to their own devices as they try troubleshooting any errors that might arise. In the same way, these solutions are not customizable, or only to a degree, leaving companies still having to employ old methods within their new model. Another reason why most companies prefer to outsource their IT and other departments is that they don’t have the infrastructure or workforce necessary to set up and operate such systems. It therefore becomes more comfortable to have a managed service provider step in instead. Businesses can enjoy managed IT support that is delivered with greater accuracy and efficiency.  The MSP operates in real time, providing companies with information pertinent to making better decisions moving forward in order to surpass their competitors.

Advantages of a Managed Service Provider

Reduced costs

There are a variety of managed service providers at different price points that clients can choose from. That means companies can get the services they require at a budget they are comfortable with. Also, given that the offers tend to be tailored specifically to their clients, companies are able to pay only for what they need, instead of purchasing bulky solutions that come with more than they bargained for when outsourcing.

You don’t need to hire a specialist

A lot, if not all, connectivity solutions require a level of expertise that almost always resides with the provider. If you do purchase or build an in-house IT solution of whatever nature, you will need to hire additional personnel who are familiar with the IT solution, or keep the provider on a retainer that is often expensive and doesn’t always meet expectations. However, with a managed service provider, you get to keep your team as is, and allow them to stay focused on what matters to the company’s success.

You work with experts

An MSP such as BestLine Solutions is certified and in compliance with government and industry standards. That also means an unmatched level of experience, given the length of time the MSP has been around, as well as the work they do for multiple clients. Getting licenses and meeting the proper requirements also requires funds, something the managed service provider should already have handled. You can also expect that the company has trained and vetted even the most qualified managed service personnel. Your company can therefore still have its operations running within industry standards while keeping costs minimal.

Seamless integration

Working with a managed service provider means that it takes less time to integrate the various IT solutions that a company might desire. Compared to the tasks that the human resource department might have to carry out if the business was to hire an IT specialist, having a separate company that can monitor daily functions is much easier. There is only so much that a person can undertake in a given day, and pondering on what complex IT solutions need to be conducted for work to should not have to be one of them. Let us expertly handle your IT systems while you focus on the aspects of your business that you know best.

Security and compliance in a Managed Service Provider

Without an in-house expert knowing how to navigate your IT management solutions, it can be unnerving to know that your company could be a victim of a cybercrime. However, with a Managed Service Provider you can rest assured that your firewall is up to date, and that audits to all your corporate IT functions are undertaken and reported. BestLine Solutions has been providing clients with comprehensive solutions since 1983, making us one of the most reputable and trusted managed service providers in Austin, TX. We understand the uniqueness of individual businesses, and that’s why we pride ourselves on creating customized solutions specific to your company. We therefore serve as an ideal partner in establishing our presence as your managed service provider, with decades of experience and industry expertise to tailor the best solution for you.

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