These Two Basic Tools Will Help Your Employees and Grow Your Business

Want to boost productivity and employee engagement? Set up your office for maximum collaboration and ease of use. It doesn’t take much but has an enormous impact. In this article we’ll show you where to start.  

Offices are often set up without much thought about how they’re going to be used. You rent the space, set up the furniture where it fits, and then expect your employees to use it all as it’s been placed.

But, the layout is generic. It wasn’t made for your specific business nor its people. Working in a cookie cutter environment can negatively impact your employee’s performance (and your own!).

As a communications company, we specialize in connecting people and in empowering businesses through technology to collaborate. We can’t give design advice, but with over 30 years of experience, we have learned a thing or two about how your office setup can facilitate communications.

These two tips are so easy that you could set them up this week–and so impactful that you should.

1. Cloud Printing

Printing is one of the biggest frustrations in an office. It should be straightforward but instead you go to print a document only to find that it’s not on your network, or you don’t have the drivers, or it’s not setup for wifi.

But in the digital age, is printing really that important?

Yes. You’re not printing everything you were ten years ago, and that makes what you do print that much more important! There’s a reason you’re printing things, Make it easy on your staff, and efficient for your business.

If it means buying a new printer, get a new printer. Get the right app. Make sure you’ve good wireless. Do this work now and watch how smoothly things run.

Because it’s not just about printing capabilities. It’s about employee satisfaction. It’s about office efficiency. It’s about setting your technology and your people up for success.

Keep workflow–and atmosphere–from being derailed. It’s so simple, but you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes.

2. Cloud-based phone system

How many phone numbers are on your business card? If you included every phone number you had access to, it would have your home phone, cell phone, work phone, work cell phone, and probably a fax number, too. Make it easy for yourself and your customers with a unified system.

With VoIP, your employees can have the same number for their cell phone, work cell phone and office–without ever giving out their personal cell number. With the help of an app, virtually any smartphone or tablet can receive calls with the same number. Plus, you can manage it all from a computer. Some systems will even integrate with your CRM so you can automatically log calls.

It improves efficiency, boosts employee happiness, and doesn’t even require bulky, expensive hardware.

Cloud-based technologies are the future, and for good reason. They keep your business efficient, lean, and filled with happy employees. They can do great work. Make it easy.