Three Cloud Technologies Your Business Should Invest in Today

You’ve probably already heard, but: everyone is moving to the cloud. It’s not a matter of whether you’ll move, but when. But still you have questions. Why is “the cloud” such a big deal? And what’s it going to do for you?

Small businesses may benefit the most from the cloud, which offers tons of customizable solutions at affordable price points. Services and technology are:

Affordable. Can’t afford full time IT person, but lack the expertise to handle IT yourself? Use IT managed services for tech support, or get only the software you need and rely on their support until you’re ready to scale up.

Scalable. As your company grows, you want your technology to grow with you at minimal expense. Cloud solutions keep you up to date, and all you have to do is click “update”. Ready for a newer, more robust solution? Easily upgrade.

Flexible. Without commitment to equipment, you can opt for different solutions; hire remote employees; collaborate from different offices and cities; and add phone lines, configure wifi, get support (and do much more!) all with the click of a button.

When people are connected, your business benefits.

A happy employee is an engaged employee, sinking your turnover rate and boosting productivity. Take this example from The Guardian.

Bank of America didn’t understand why its call centres had wildly different performance levels, so it fitted workers with tracking devices to monitor their habits. They discovered that workers did better when they were sociable. When they encouraged them to take breaks at the same time, they became 10% more productive.

Making your office an enjoyable environment is easier today than ever before. With great WiFi, your employees aren’t tethered to their desks. They’re able to work from home and the road, keeping them both happy and productive.

The Technologies You Need

  1. Top-notch WiFi. Your WiFi needs to offer secure connections at high speed with high bandwidth. It must be easy to setup and use, and reliable wifi for your entire office. The cloud won’t do you any good without a solid, high quality WiFi connection. And it will keep your employees, happy and productive.

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  1. VoIP phones give your office maximum flexibility and scalability. Really. All it takes is an internet connection and you can have a virtual assistant (saving you the cost of staffing one!); add numbers as your business grows; offer call forwarding and virtual voicemail to employees; and manage it all from your computer (or call your IT managed services provider for support). And, there’s a whole selection of phones to choose from so you can choose the best options for your company.
  2. Video conferencing is the future of collaboration. Now we mostly rely on apps and laptops, but as the demand increases and technology becomes more affordable, it may be more common to take a video call than a phone call.

An excellent tool for connecting with teams and customers, video conferencing strengthens relationships, increases efficiency, and makes managing satellite offices and remote workers a cinch.