Connectivity covers a wide range of technologies and systems integral to a successful business. It includes phones and computers, as well as internet in your office, call centers, contact centers, equipment, implementation, and ongoing support.

Everyone knows they need phones and computers for their business, but how do you choose? How do you know what will be most effective in moving your business toward your goals?

BestLine can help your business create an efficient and effective system that suits your business, your office (or offices!) and your team’s needs.

Below are a few basic considerations to get you thinking about the unique connectivity needs of your business.

  1. Office Setup

A warehouse will not have the same technological demands as a dentist’s office. They serve completely different functions and the physical (and technological) setup has to serve those functions.

What is your office setup? Consider the number of people, the number of desks, phones, square footage and how much of it needs to have internet access. Will you have cubicles or an open floor plan?

What equipment will you be using? In addition to computers and phones, consider printers; fax machines; mobile devices; video conferencing options; boardroom connectivity; guest Wi-Fi networks; even television, lighting and security systems. Which equipment needs internet to function? What sort of maintenance (including physical maintenance and storage as well as upgrades and repairs) will they need?

How many locations do you have? How will that change in the coming years? If you think your business will expand, it’s a good idea to invest in technology that makes that easier. Cloud-based systems are a great way to go, including contact centers, VOIP phones, Wi-FI networks, and video conference equipment.

  1. Scalability

What do you expect growth to be like in the next 1, 5, and 10 years?  As you grow, your needs change. It can be helpful to think about what you’ll need immediately versus what you can invest in, upgrade, and expand on in the future.

How will you incorporate new employees? IP phones make it easy to add new phone numbers and adapt well to reconfigured office spaces because they don’t need a phone jack. If everyone gets a desktop computer, who does the software installation and what gets installed?

As you grow, how will you handle higher call volumes? Will you expand to newer communication tools like chatbots? Will you need a bigger customer service team?

  1. Equipment

How will you decide what equipment to purchase? If you don’t read tech blogs for fun, you may want to consult with someone with specialized expertise to help you choose the most effective equipment. They can ensure that your needs are met without going overboard.

Will you be storing equipment on site? Cloud-based systems are far more common, inexpensive and cost-effective these days. Whatever you choose, you’ll need a good system and a plan for implementing it.

What about upgrades? Technology moves fast. Whatever you buy needs to be flexible enough to serve your growing business, plus the demands of customers, and ever-changing expectations, markets, and technologies.

Customized Solutions and Ongoing Support

It’s easy to set up an office. It’s much trickier to set it up well, taking into account your goals, projections, and unique needs. For over 30 years we’ve been working with business owners to design powerful, cost-effective solutions so they can grow a thriving business.

We’re ready to set you up for success. Call today!