Why Videoconferencing?

With technological advances and the growing demand for video and face-to-face communication, video conferencing is becoming standard in business.

Today we’ll be talking about how video conferencing can help increase your business’ productivity by boosting efficiency, collaboration, and engagement

Why Videoconferencing?

More and more, businesses are spread out across multiple locations. Sometimes it’s a big company with multiple offices spread out over the globe. More often, it’s companies with offices in several cities and timezones. Managing the team is one thing. Maintaining a good connection and keeping employees engaged is another–and videoconferencing is key to strong work relationships when teams are in different locations.

5 reasons to implement video conferencing at your company

  1. Team building across locations. We think of team building as a special activity. But if your team is spread out–as many are these days–then something as simple as regular videoconferencing goes a long way in building relationships and trust among teams.
  2. Clearer communication. We’ve all done it: misinterpreted an email and reacted to what turned out to be a misreading. Voice, facial expression and body language, are crucial to effective communication, and with video conferencing, when there are misunderstandings, you can resolve them in real time–before they become an issue.
  3. Increased efficiency. It is much faster and more convenient to take a meeting from your desk than it is to spend your day running from one thing to the next–especially when driving is involved. Take the lost productivity out of the equation by implementing videoconferences whenever possible. And reduce travel costs while you’re at it!
  4. Problem solving. When you have to get together to solve a problem, logistics can get in the way. When can everyone meet? Great! We’ll meet in the–oh no, it’s booked that day. Plus the inevitable email back and forth, and that one person who always responds late and messes up the plan. Videoconferencing makes it easy for everyone to meet. No need to account for meeting spaces and parking fees.
  5. It’s easy. There are so many technology options available that no matter your size or budget, you’ll find a solution that fits your business.

Tools That Scale With Your Business

You’ve already used Webex or another software on your laptop to interview candidates, meet with colleagues or share your screen to resolve an issue. Do you know the tools you have available for virtual collaboration and how they can improve your business?

Partner with us and get access to all the latest videoconferencing technology to grow your business no matter its size or needs.

Cisco Webex has hardware and software to increase collaboration and to make it easy to chat on the go. They offer monthly subscriptions that suit every size from solopreneur to global conglomerate, with featuers and prices to meet your needs.

Avaya is used by all kinds of organizations from small to large, non-profit to corporations, from universities to hospitals. Their  Scopia video conferencing infrastructure works with your video system, connects on virtually any network from anywhere around the world so you can work easily with clients, partners and customers from any device and situation.